Anywhere, Anytime


A relation between like-minded individuals, an unbreakable link that transcends space and time.

The new campaign, Anywhere, Anytime, stages the key of FOPE spirit: the iconic mesh, that becomes a common language between like-minded people, both aesthetically and conceptually. Mesh allows people to wear jewels in any context, and empowers them with a unique touch of everyday luxury.
The images have been shot by Thomas Lohr (1980, Memmingen), both a fashion photographer and an artist. Known for his rigorous, exacting, and detailed portrayal of beauty, Lohr’s expansive vision of photography and image-making discovers beauty between and beyond formal distinctions. Currently, he works between London, Paris, Berlin, and New York.


The narrative of Everyday Luxury continues, with FOPE jewellery once again standing out for the extreme comfort of wearing and contemporary design.

After the launch of the Flex’it necklaces from the Solo collection, this year the brand decides to embody the youthful and bold attitude in the new Eka chokers. The D-click clasp becomes a distinctive element, a unique creation that enhances the gold mesh with a design element.
The Must Have range continues to represent the true DNA of FOPE: a new interpretation of the gold mesh leads to the release of the new bracelet in bicolour style, allowing extraordinary combinations with the Essentials rings launched by the brand in recent years.