01 F.O.P.E.

Brand, Corporate

The name FOPE is an acronym invented in the 1950s that stands for Fabbrica Oreficeria Preziosi Esportazione (i.e. Factory Jewellery Precious Export). The four words offer the essence of the brand: the manufacturing background, the scope of action and the aspiration to internationalism.


02 since 1929


The first goldsmith’s workshop was opened in 1929 by Umberto Cazzola. Over time, generations of his family have followed, proudly continuing to steer the company’s development and growth.


03 Made in Italy

Corporate, Places

FOPE is an Italian jewellery brand based in Vicenza, where it was founded and where it continues to maintain its production.


04 Vicenza 

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The roots of FOPE and of the owning family are in Vicenza, a Veneto town characterised by the beautiful Palladian buildings and a rich heritage of know-how in the art of jewellery making.
The local art and culture have always been an inspiration for the creation of the brand’s jewellery.


05 Milan Stock Exchange 

Corporate, Places

Fope S.p.A. has been listed on the Milan stock exchange in the Euronext Growth Milan market since 2016. With around 70% of the share capital still in the hands of the founding family, the operation has made it possible to face new growth challenges, consolidating the FOPE brand and aiming to realise its great potential in the international luxury market.


06 Innovation

Communication, Jewellery

A pioneering spirit is part of the Cazzola family’s DNA. From engineering to design, from production to communication, each generation has introduced original ideas and interpretations that have helped shape the brand’s personality over time. Innovation is a common thread that finds continuity throughout FOPE’s history.  


07 Design


The stylistic consistency of FOPE jewellery makes it extremely versatile, up-to-date and always on point, regardless of current trends. The original lines assure recognisability and, in the most essential versions, meet the tastes of a vast public, challenging the traditional limits of gender definitions.


08 Flagships

Corporate, Places

The first FOPE boutique opened in 2015 in the heart of Venice, San Marco square: a magical place linked to a legacy of art, trade and openness to the world. In 2019 it was London’s turn, in the iconic Old Bond Street, followed by Isola Bella in Lago Maggiore, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.


09 Technology

Corporate, Jewellery

With the incredible know-how of the master goldsmiths working in the Vicenza factory, the R&D team plays a leading role in the constant evolution of the smooth and flexible gold mesh. The manufacturing equipment is designed exclusively for FOPE, thanks to an exclusive encounter of technology and craftsmanship that is unique in the industry.


10 Patents

Corporate, Jewellery

In order to guarantee product quality and brand reliability, FOPE has registered its trademarks and protects them through industrial and design patents. The Flex’it system is the best-known patented invention, as well as a concept responsible for the great commercial success of the last fifteen years.


11 Novecento mesh

Jewellery, Corporate

Much more than a regular gold chain, the Novecento mesh is a smooth weave, a precious work that FOPE invented in the early 1980s. Original and consistent, it has become an icon of Italian jewellery, a design that evolves over time while remaining recognisable in all the brand’s collections.


12 Flex’it

Brand, Jewellery, Style

Flex’it is a patented invention by FOPE that revisits and updates a proprietary idea from the 1950s. It consists of a system of tiny 18-carat gold springs that are inserted between the links of the gold weave, making the jewellery comfortable, easy to wear and giving new shapes to the FOPE jewellery experience.


13 Everyday Luxury

Style, Jewellery

FOPE is synonymous with Italian style. Elegance and comfort, quality and wearability, the jewellery becomes precious accessories to be worn on any occasion and interpreted according to the outfit chosen. Everyone has the opportunity to create their own idea of luxury, in tune with one’s individual time, tastes and personality.


14 collections 

gioielli, stile

FOPE arranges its jewellery in collections and sells them through its retailers, in flagship stores and online. From basic models, which embody the essence of the brand’s stylistic signature, to more sophisticated variants, bracelets and rings (now almost exclusively available in Flex’it versions), necklaces, earrings and cufflinks are developed into product families, while allowing for combinations that mix and match according to individual tastes.


15 Sustainability


FOPE is committed to implementing corporate and product policies that meet criteria of efficiency, ethics and respect. From governance to environmental and social impact, all business choices and internal processes are aimed at achieving a truly sustainable business.

The Sustainability Report, drawn up annually in line with GRI Sustainability Standards, is a further reporting and transparency tool.


16 Responsible Jewellery Council 

Corporate, Jewellery

Since 2014, FOPE has been a certified member of the RJC, the international non-profit organisation that sets ethical standards for the entire jewellery supply chain. In addition to guaranteeing high product quality and virtuous management of business processes, the certification includes the objective of involving stakeholders and contributing to the progress of the entire sector.


17 Eau 558

Brand, Communication, Style

Behind the FOPE fragrance is a project nurtured for a long time which saw the light of day in 2021, thanks to the involvement of a French star perfumer and the collaboration of Venini for the glass bottle. In addition to eau de parfum, the brand extension includes a precious scented candle – with other products in the pipeline.